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The story of Hetregó was born of an extraordinary entrepreneurial intuition. Anticipating to the times, Luigi Minardi founds in 1916 a small craft enterprise dedicated to the elaboration and the commerce of the ornamental feather.


Thanks to Minardi's talent, the company grows and evolves rapidly. Today the Minardi Group is a fantastic complex of companies focused on the industrialization of goose feathers and outerwear.


That long experience in the use of the feather to get dressed takes the Minardi group to create an urban line of downjackets.



This is the way Hetregó was born, a fabulous collection of garments in which the unmistakable Italian style melts with the technical performance of its fabrics, breathable, resistant to wind and rain and the unique ability to conserve the heat of the best European down coming from one of group companies, Italpiume.

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