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Mia Bag is a brand of bags born in Milan and destined from the outset to succeed in Italy.

Its founder and designer, Monica Bianco, has always opted for differentiation and offers the customer a product that combines elegance and extravagance.

Their bags have an added value: the ability to customize them; with the name, initials, different colors and patches that are now trend.


In addition, she presents different materials and formats to suit everyone. Its latest collection, Mia Bag Luxury, is focused on the skin and suede, designed for a medium-high customer target.


The fame and success of Mia Bag have been consolidated thanks to the most innovative marketing techniques, the image of numerous celebrities and collaborations with well-known brands like Smiley or Coca-Cola. More than 246,000 followers at Instagram who confirm it.


Mia Bag: a must have this season.

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